Thursday, May 6, 2010

$10.99 Admission Fee

Come to the IC Animal Sanctuary/Zoo to see some of your favorite animals INCLUDING...

  • Giant Ground Sloth!
  • Shiny Alien Deer!
  • Wolf Thingy that follows the sloth around!
  • Flying Magic Elf Lion with Wings!
  • Rawrabears!
  • Trolls! (They've been here awhile)
  • Dead Kittens!
This Zoo opened within the past few days so all the animals are BRAND NEW!!!

No but really, IC has become a zoo lately, not that I'm complaining, I feel like I'm in Equatorial Africa and looking through the Treeless Jungle that it will soon be by 2050 (So people say).
I would say I'm enjoying my Manticore, but I am feeling un-inspired (Can't think of the right word right now) to do RvR ever since the Bonus ended.  Even SCs look dark and boring because instead of getting 500 rp per loss, I'll be getting about 0.
I feel stupid because I didn't know I could get the Skaven Cloak from DAO so I threw the case out... Darn. Waste of a Writ

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