Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Thunder Mountain, Gaarawarr's contests, and moar!

So I thought I'd give the title a cheesy title because its a title and titles should give the idea of the post.  Title.

But seriously, I'll start out with today's Thunder Mountain RvR.
Night started off well with a keep defend (I predict @order forum post, checking after I make this blogpost) it was excellent for destro.  I got lots (2%) of renown, I got lots (pssh I dunno) of inf and lots of kills.  Personally, I think I may have gotten reported for sprinting out of the keep doors doing /s ALAHU AKBAR and then morale bombing, some people seemed annoyed, but some people in guild teamed up with me so I kept doing it.  Eventually, order got pushed back in a smart strategic manuever to take BOs and what not.  So they take the BOs, we take 'em back.  Then we all afked at a random BO and said "Lets wait".

So, I thought I was the only one who afked, not apparantally so, when I come back order is killing the mid BO and it looks hopeless.

So I hope you all like my pathetic picture I got from google image. I really wanted that flip.  The good news is, my plan for 15% per day is right on schedule, I'm right on 45% today, 45.00%

Now to Gaarawarr's (Certainly spelt it wrong) contests, Not sure whats going on but with the items he linked it certainly looks like a fun time.  I think if I read it right it said to make a twitter account and follow him, which I am now doing.  Oh well, those items he showed look awesome (except the skaven cape, I have that)
I won't do much with it I think, if I remember to get on it.  But you know.  Might as well try to be active on it.

Stay cool guyz


  1. Twitter is the shit yo. You'll see... get that crap on your phone and lose your mind over it. GREAT for raging after getting ganked. =D

  2. Haha, sounds pretty awesome! Just made my 1st post right now, other than the random "AJFLDSAFDSAKDS" or whatever I put. I hear about people getting hooked all the time, I need to link it to my phone. Now I just need to find my phone lol