Wednesday, May 19, 2010


So, all the servers have been brought down shattering my being of giddy for the new patch. The only thing I experienced so far was them removing my go-to mailbox. 
But, word on the street is that a Mythic Dev logged on to a real server when they meant to log onto a test server and started testing which led to an "OMGWHOOPS" that no other could imagine.

What a big let down for patch day.  I didn't like some of the comments said in advice from the new players moments before we were shut down.


  1. Who leaves the advice channel on?

    Yeah I was hoping that the patch was yesterday my day off, and now I am glad it wasn't. My next day off is Friday so they may have the servers back up by than.

  2. Heh, servers back on 11:30

  3. I leave the advice channel on to, well give advice. I still remember the frustration when I started my Chosen asking questions in region and no one would answer