Monday, November 22, 2010


Ok Eka, Ok.  You made me do this..


The super pancakes? No, no I wanted to do that.  Eka made me write a criticism post, even though it's not in my blood to be a critic. I asked a few other bloggers/former bloggers what they thought

Arisechicken: Thinks it's ok just too many city seiges.

Wasdstomp: Thinks it's great. "Love it"

And Ekaslime is just, well, Ekaslime...

AND for those of you wondering, Eka AND Klurkk (Wasdstomp) are both WONDERFULLY good renown, matter of fact I hit 81 on Klurkk.

But anyhow, back to my rant.  My problems with 1.4.

Though there is very many GOOD stuff about it, I'll decide to rant as I have no other post today. (SORRY GUYZ)

There are too many City seiges: I R CRITICALOFTRU, I am sorry, but it's true.  On saturday (I was on 19 hours that day... oh boy I need a life) there were a nice total of 7 city seiges (if I remember right.. at least 5 for sure).  Not that that's bad or anything.. just it stops my gutter runner ganky ganky stabby stabby.  And it can get really lame if you have no warband.
Not to mention the bug that's going on that says your instance is full please queue (To fix this, join queue and leave queue as you're running into city).  That has caused some firey arguements in region chat. And ragequits.  And I know they sorta kinda tried to stop low rank players from rolling on sovereign and stuff, but there are still lowbies who do it.  Just to be asses most of the time.  Don't get me wrong, opt out on gold bag is amazingly awesome, but I think they need to HALT all sub 40s rolling on sov. Even sub rr 50 or 60.  Not to mention people who don't have the rvr pack can roll on doomflayer and warpforged. 

And bacon.  And cats.  Don't forget Bacony Cats.

But seriously, what is the deal with the griffons/manticores you can fly on.  Theres too few of them, theres a freaking LINE for them.

"Wait!! Wait! Remember to get in line :-D"

This is a serious to god picture for waiting for flying mounts that bomb for 300 damage each hit. No, not kidding, the line even got BIGGER, and by then I was laughing so hard licorice came out of my ears. (Wait..what?)

Skaven wait times are ridiculously long.  Theres this poor black orc who any time of the day he'll be spamming in region.
"Wheres the skaven at.... Wheres the skaven at.... Wheres the skaven at... Wheres the skaven at......" you almost feel bad for him because he only enjoys gutter runner.  It's quite sad actually.  What if Tom Cruise lost his wife?  What if Scooby lost Shaggy? What if Sarah Palin lost her way of talking? Or worse... What if Amy Winehouse lost her drugs OMGWTF. 
Enough on the black orc who smokes skaven (I suppose it's better than any other drug)
Anyhow, I want my skaven, I don't want to wait 30 minutes.  And after that 30 minutes I don't want to be sitting at the spawn for 20 minutes right clicking on the portal hoping to be the first one to get skaven (average # of people waiting at a destro portal on gorfang is around 4 or 5)

80-100 was fun 80-81.  I hit 81, and now I'm just like.... god... 19 more ranks to go... and magically lost all determination.  (By the way, I hear Xylophone, AM on my server is nearing rr 85...and that was on saturday afternoon.. imagine now..)  Sure... 80-100 was designed to give me more ranks to grind.. but ... Yeah I can't complain


Dyes: Yeah they cost too much. But they work as a nice reflector if you're crossing the street in the dark. Cars can see you easily.

Skaven Dungeon: If you don't have an rr 82 premade, you're screwed.
I've never won it once yet.

Lets ask people on gorfang who aren't bloggers what they think of 1.4
Grotsquisha (Who dinged 80 on my wp, HA!):  "Packmasters and rat Ogres need an upgrade"
Ilthay: Says he has none, his only comment was "Do you know Karate"

Who cares.  If I try to write anymore things about anything I'll end up spamming pretty cake.

Oh yeah, one more problem.

The Rent is too Damn High.


  1. Lol don't blame me. Btw, try harder to gank me. I suspect once scenarios come back the zergs in the RvR lakes will dissipate.

  2. haha I love your blog dude. :P Makes me wish I was on gorfang instead of Karak-Azgal. :(

  3. They have already said Dye prices will be adjusted :)

  4. You know I would make a blog, but people would rely on me too much and be hyper-critical. Plus I don't exactly need anymoar issues on badlands xD

    But I agree with most of your criticismoftru.

    also i did spell it moar for a reason, but its exaggerated ;)

    -- Killhealz

  5. "more" is spelled "moar" in my vocabulary.

    And thank you pookie :D

    Werit, thank you for the info, I'll be sure to cross that problem out of my "To-rage" list on my fridge.

  6. Just wondering. Could you put up a poll on how many city fights a day the players would like to see, please.

  7. You let the C-Crit out. Now everyone will be out to kill me.

    Don't believe him. My BW is only worth 104 renown with the rvr pack bonus. I would just run past me because it isn't worth your time.

  8. Crazy, done, the other question it replaced was dumb anyways.


    Wasds, you're worth around 3500 in 400% aao. just saying.