Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wow... I had FAHN today :D

I actually played the game instead of trolling around for the first time in god knows how long, and I loved it.
This is an ACTUAL Picture of me when I play warhammer.

Look at my happiness of the group heal button!!! :D
By the way, my "4" key (group heal key) squeaks when I touch it now cause it's used so much o.o

Right now our record is at 5-2 for tonight and just getting started. We beat a full rr 80 sov premade using our skillz (we have a conq, two invaders two warlords and me being the sov) so we're doing pretty good for now. 
I have more heals than Tiger Woods has mistresses, we'z doing pro. But now that I said that, it will probably start to suck now.

Here is a screenshot of my last SC.


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  1. Is it weird (or just sad) that I was looking at your screenshot of your sc window and tried to "x" it out and that didn't work, so I THEN tried to hit the ~ key before realizing I am an idiot? :D