Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time for a serious post... BWAHAHHAA no just kidding.

The Patch Notes were released, how amazing is this? Not so exciting.

No DoK changes, you hear me, NO DOK CHANGES. Not even a nerf. And I didn't even check Warrior Priest.
There was really nothing there that I already didn't know, or is it There was really nothing there that I already knew? Gah I hate the english language, I don't care, you get what I'm saying. There was nothing new for me there.
Except that WEs Heart Render Toxin doing a lot of damage was supposedly a "Bug" and not a nerf as we all thought.
How sad.

In other news, I have found I love White Lions.  LUB DEM. LUB DEM SOOOO MUCH! I made one and I've gotten him to rank 6 today. Planning on playing more until rvrpack.
Once the RvR pack comes out, I'm canceling my order account until I hit rr 100.  I wouldn't even be playing that account when I need more renown to grind, so It'd just be a waste of money.

Ok Ok, so what if there weren't many jokes in this post, I R SORRY!!!!!! :-( :-(

By the way. My Birthday is on Friday.
Not that it matters.


  1. Happy Birfdai Tro0f!

  2. 1... Happy Birthday!!! 2... YOU CAN'T CANCEL YOUR ORDER ACCOUNT! AMAGAWD! Pleeeeeeeeease *batts her lashes* There's gotta be enough Troof to spread around. *sniffle* Who would I /ttt with?