Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Conan is my idol.

YES! IT'S TRUE! I waited about NINE MONTHS for last night. I was going to make a post about this last night but I was to busy giggling at the TV starting at 5:30 all the way until conan was on. Waiting... just waiting while giggling...
The following picture is an actual picture of me before conan started.

OH GOD. That's right, Warhammer blog, WARHAMMER WARHAMMER.
So I came home today and was really happy that there was a test on the PTS tonight... but then I go to the herald to see what time it was at.  And turns out it's postponed for tomorrow.  This makes me a sad Wall-E. But Atleast they didn't throw out a test altogether.
IMO Mythic is doing one thing right...
Putting me on the Blogger roll call..
No just kidding (However this was extremely correct of them), But what's really right that they're doing, is letting us help test it for them. I can't recall another MMO I have played where the devs let you test the content (Then again this is my first MMO)

On a side note that I have not yet mentioned yet: Conan is awesome. Very awesome.


RvR Tier Bracket Adjustment: WOW! Love it, makes t1 non twinkable now (well twinks will get owned) and all the other tiers will be........ interesting... gonna make soloing at low ranks IMPOSSIBLE anymore.  T4 rank 32+ has been fixed though.

Scenerio Matchmaking: Oh god, I don't want to be paired with all the PROmades ;-): Well guess I'd better stop pugging. But even so, this makes me extremely happy and this is awesome.  If it shows your rating this will also put a halt to people thinking a person is good, yet another person thinks that same player is bad, because rating will say otherwise.

Ease of aquiring gear: They're making gear WAAAAY easier to get, which frankly... will be epicly awesome ^_^

Gold Bag Opt outs: YES Only being able to opt out of gold bag has finally come this makes me want to put a kitty in the dryer and watch it go round and round and round and round and round and round and...
/happy opera
Poll Results:
Your Renown rank is...
1-40: 10%
41-60: 3%
61-79: 42%
80: 21%
OVER 9000!!!!: 21%

Yaaaay a lot of people are nearing 80 which means they're just getting ready for MOOOOARRRR GRINDING

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  1. CONAN'S 1ST SHOW WAS HILARIOUS AAAAAAAAAAAAAND... Conan + Jack White = Duo of my erotic fantasies. :D