Saturday, November 20, 2010

WOW! That was SQUEAK!tastic!

When everyone's favorite dev said this about the skaven damage, I was quite disappointed, I thought that my str didn't matter to the skaven damage so all skaven did the damage I did.

Boy was I wrong.
Andy was probably like 'Wow, this healeroftru guy is retarded if he thinks gutter runners do bad damage'

And I don't blame him. 
I found out that STR did indeed matter to your Gutter Runner when two friends of mine, a marauder and a WE decided to go gank with me with gutter runners, I saw that they killed people faster than I could ever dream in my current spec.  I was doing about hits for 200-300, they were hitting for 600-700 hundred sometimes. Maybe more.

Anyhow, the past few days have been a blast (Apart from QQers spamming t4 that they're gonna quit, STFU ZAMMAEL, no one cares :D )
 But I have had the most frikkin fun I've ever had in WAR the past few days, running around as skaven playing the pretty cake song while killing people.
No joke, I play the pretty cake song in vent while I kill Bright Wizards.
I spent all day playing skavenz,

This is us speaking in our roleplaying skaven language because we're so awesome like that.

Now before I say "BUH BYE FOLKS!" I need to show you this crazy picture, I got away from a fight with 1 hp left (Yes, I survived)

And I finally discovered my tip wasn't just a myth today.


And because I was having so much fun playing and not posting, I'll need to do TWO poll results today. TWO! TWO! TWO!

Poll Results One:
Will You Buy the RvR Packs?:
Yes, Both of them.: 62%
Yes, just one of them: 7%
No: 3%
Maybe: 5%

I answered the kitty one but I did the both of them O.O

Poll Results Two:
You will hit rr 100...
One Month: 0% (Thank god)
Within 3 months: 7%
Within a year: 20%
year +: 10%
NEVAR: 17%
He's climbin' in yo windows he's snatchin yo people up: 35%

I will in 6 months - a year I bet.


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