Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving WAR

For those of you who celebrate it.

The following list is things I'm thankful for.

  • Cats
  • Turtles
  • WAR
  • Living thousands of miles from Rosie O'donnell and John Goodman
  • Being cussed out by Eframmite everyday
  • A guild that doesn't hate me.. wait a minute...
  • Having the knowledge that the Jonas Brothers are just robots created by Disney to create the perfect boy band.
  • Knowing Miley Cyrus lost her virginity at age 2.
  • The ability to mind control worms to have them do my bidding.
  • Food
  • Arnold Schwazeneggar in "Jingle All The Way"
  • Knowing that spongebob is based on a true story that happened thousands of years ago under the sea on a galaxy far far away.
  • Having two personal fairies to grant my every wish.
  • The Zelda Series
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • The pointless "E" bubble on exams.  I mean wtf, they questions only go up to "D" most of the time.. it's ok E bubble, I still lub you.
  • The homeless guy who lives in my neighborhood who's freaking rich but refuses to buy a house (No joke, he just recently bought a corvette...It's the craziest thing, he says he likes not paying rent.)
  • All 4 of my mental disorders.
  • The forums
  • The Roman Forum
  • Julius Caesar
  • All of the above.

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