Sunday, November 7, 2010

WHOA WHOA, Tharhealaroftroof! You'z Polls is EVAPSORATING!

I was going to post next when devs gave more detail bout the scenerio changes (He said something on twitter about it, I don't wanna go back four days to dig it up) I figured it was coming within a day or two. So I was just waiting for something to go up on the Developer page... nothing happened... so here I am with nothing to post about and lots of things to cry about (Like usual)


Jeebus I dunno, they haven't said, if I had to guess it would be about cross server SCs.  But what to post about... Hmmm.. What pictures can I put captions on today.. comon pop culture give me more stupid pictures...Don't make me dig up old stuff..


But anyways, since my last post my warrior priest has made ZERO progress.  Nov 4th I didn't do anything cause it seemed boring, Nov 5th I didn't do anything cause I was to busy messing around with my new iPod Touch.  Nov 6th was the same deal.  And... today is Nov 7th I think and I don't know what I'm going to do.
BUT AMAGAD My poll has been closed for like 3 days now, how retarded of me.

So.. I need to think of a new Poll.. AND I need to poll result the last one.

Poll Results:

The Future of War Looks...

Good: 40%
Ok: 20%
Bleak: 12%
Can't tell: 8%
Jerry Springer is the funniest show EVAR: 20%

YES GOOD WINS, I was hoping for this great feat.

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