Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ok ok.. time for the truth...I'm not real... I'm actually a prototype of Wall-E

Now that I think about it my title sounds like something you'd hear on Jerry Springer.
"Hu-what, you'd not a man?!?!"

Anyways, ahem got off topic there, what todays post is about is the fusing of molecular molecules, now first, you... I don't know how to fuse Molecules... I don't even know what a Molecular molecule is, or if it exists.

GOD, topic... topic... Ok! Good! My Warrior Priest hit 36, my renown rank can finally pass rank, but guess what, I'm only rr 32, that's why today I'll level VICIOUSLY!!!
I can't wait til I hit 40, however there are obstructions who get in the way,  there are propaganda nay sayers who say about me...

That's right Antoine Dodson plays Warhammer.

Anyways, That's what they're saying not in exact words but... you know...  Gets annoying when I say some command in region chat, like today in DragonWake for instance.
Thehealeroftru: Morale bomb in 30 seconds.
Person with 1/2 a brain: Is that because destro knows? Trying to push yourself to RR 80?

Well, theres a number of things wrong with your statement good sir.
1. Why would I want the character I am currently playing to DIE, my point is I'm trying to build build build renown, lots of it.
2. Telling destro about a morale bomb would be pointless "Oh hey guys in 20-30 seconds we're doing a morale bomb" because you really can't a morale bomb unless you spread out, and everyone knows that destro is always on vent, Every single one of them on the exact same vent at a time...right?
3.  I'm already rr 80... or am I?  Perhaps this good sir knows more about my dok than I do?!?! OH MY GOD I never even thought about this fact.  Wow.  How weird.
4. Your Comment is Invalid because I said so.

I just want to clear things up with any Gorfang players who may be happening to be reading this.
I'm not sure how I can put this.. um... I HAVE NEVER CROSSREALMED NOR WILL I EVER

There, was that in good enough english for you?
oh right. I need a period, my bad.

Point being, the reason I made my Warrior Priest is because some friends on the forums prompted me too, not because Mr. T said so fool. (I don't get it either, I have no idea why Mr. T just came to my head all of the sudden..Wait a minute what's the T stand for? I still don't know...perhaps Tyrannosaurus? Maybe even Train? How about Traffic Copter? Wait.. off topic again..)

By the way, I have a twitter because I fell in to peer pressure. http://twitter.com/thehealeroftru Would be it.

Poll Results:
Should you be allowed to quote Samuel L jackson in vent?
yes: 2%
no: 0%
uh...no...: 5%

YES! Very gud! Very gud! Everybuddy likes Samuel L Jackson.  You bettah!

Ooh one more thing, http://www.warbloggers.com/ has a profile interview of me, maybe you're interested in seeing that.

It's also a really good website to be caught up on all the latest bloggers and news for the game.

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