Monday, June 7, 2010

Guess that Location

So a few months ago I did something like this on my alliance website, and figured, "Hey, why not doing on my blog."  So, today I went around with several people and did some random PvE stuff and whatnot.  So I have 5 screenshots here.  Since none of you do PvE (Pssh, who does besides me?), I'll give you 4 Choices for each Pic.  Sadly, I cannot give rewards to Order or anyone on another server, so this needs to only apply for Destro Gorfang.  1 correct gives 1g, 2 correct gives 5g, 3 correct gives 10g, 4 correct gives 25g, all correct gives 50g.

I will not be making a post tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and possibly saturday because I will be on a little vacation.  I'll check the answers late saturday or early sunday.

OH, by the way.  My guild banner are in some of these because I was thinking of putting them on guild website too >_> so yeah.

1. Dawn Break Manor, Eataine
2. Tempest Horn, High Pass
3. Sigmarite Temple, Black Fire Pass
4. All The King's Men, Reikland

1. Fortress of Caledor, Caledor
2. All the King's Men, Reikland
3. Burn Rock Tower, Barak Varr
4.  Kruegar Haus, Talebecland
1. Sacred Ground, Nordland
2. Mistwood Grove, Blighted Isle
3.Malyros' Rest, Caledor
4. Keeper's Vigil

1. Caladain Steppe, Dragonwake
2. Glittering Citadel, Eataine
3. The Fortress of Caledor, Caledor
4. Follow the Light, Eataine

1. Tomb of the Vulture Lord, Elf Style, Chrace
2.The Fortress of Caledor, Caledor
3.  Quyl-Isha Temple, Avelorn
4. Ruins of Anlec, The Shadowlands.

And thats it.
Yes, I couldn't help but put stupid edits in some of the photos because I'm weird like that. 

See you guys Saturday/Sunday


  1. Sigmarite Temple

    Fortress of Caledor

    Malyos' Rest

    Caladain Steppe

    Quyl-Isha Temple

    those are my guesses in the order at which pics occur. not entirerly sure on last one tho

  2. Sigmarite Temple

    Fortress of Caledor

    Sacred Ground...? (I really don't know)

    Glittering Citadel

    Soup-Isha Temple

    Reward please.

  3. Hith 3/5 4 and 5 are both fort of caledor.

    Sara 2/5 , 2 and 3 right rest not.
    Char name plz btw?