Saturday, June 19, 2010

Is this Lucky, Unlucky, or am I just paramanoid?

Today was a good day for my city seiges.  I had been planning on playing cat and mouse with order the whole time.  Heres how my two instances went.
1. Stage 1 won, stage 2 lost, stage 3 lost
2. Stage 1 won, stage 2 tied, stage 3 won.

Even though I didn't win all three on either, it still was really fun.  I'll go over the 2nd instance I was in as it makes me moar ROFLing mad than the 1st one.
It's not stage 1, nor stage 2 I cared about, but stage 3.  Destro won and I got a GOLD LEWT BAHG!!!! Problem is, I got my helm... for the 3rd time in a row...

Out of frustration I scribbled lots and lotz.  I have THREE of those stupid helms, THREE.  What's worse, is that I cannot salvage it.  BOOHOOS.

Then the 1st instance we  blah blah, stage 3 I wanna talk about again.
You know how when you lose, everyone runs back and you wait to be slaughtered? Yeah well I actually charged into order and past them all the way out of the palace, then legendaryheals followed me.
The end.

I dunno what else to say so....


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