Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ultimate sooper dooper Tome Unlock week!!!!!


This is yet another sad excuse for me not doing RvR but it's sure fun.  I've decided that from today until sunday I will do tome unlocks non stop.  But the good thing is on sunday I am forcing myself to do non stop rvr for a whole week.  I have pondered for hours of something funny or mildly entertaining.  So I give to you...
A unicorn playing basketball

I know.  But this is one of the many sights you will see trying to unlock Tome crap, at the moment I am farming unicorns because I do not use tome titan because I like the challenge.
In this next SS you will see me regretting my decisions to kill unicorns.

Yes sad tragedy.

That is all for today.  Expect something stupid/mildly entertaining tomorrow.

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