Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Tree of LIFE!!

During a keep assault today (Which I usually never do, strangely enough) there was a wee little tree at order's keep in Kadrin Valley.  This certain tree was different from all the others, he had a wonderful graphic bug on him because my computer is fail. 
But I do think we should be seeing more of these trees, I want Mythic to make a whole forest full of these graphic bug trees.  Can you imagine a full fledged battle in these trees that look like something that I'd see on TV when the TV loses signal?
I would give you an example and lots of reasons why Mythic should implement it, but that's Eka's job to do such tasks.

Today I got my first Doomflayer piece of equipment evar, not in the city, because no one ever gets gear in the city unless you're an RR 45 Marauder who will never log on again after that city.  I did really good in the instance damage wise and heal wise (I switched to DPS spec and will go back to heal spec when I hit rr 84, or when I get bored, whatever comes first, so... when I get bored).  I came 2nd in damage and who I think 3rd in heals? I didn't recheck this screenshot before I'm posting it.  Now guys, get ready, it was very very hard to win, the amount of order in this TI was absolutely terrible.. get ready. 

OH!!! Look at all those order I had to go up against.  It was absolutely terrible to have to try and fight through all those order to stinky guy, or engineer guy or whatever their names are.  (For correct names please see here)
Bye bye!


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