Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thehealeroftru's Guide To Losing in College of Corruption

Hello! I am as you know Thehealeroftru and I will be guiding you through the new scenerio introduced for this live event, College of Corruption, or is it THE College of Corruption.

Either way, We will be looking at it from destro's perspective.

As you run in you will be at the bottom of the tower, allowing Order to hold the stairs and bomb you as much as they can, more RDPS = more winning for order, and you as destro can do nothing about it other than squirm, and spam emotes.

As you can see by looking in this SC, there is also a very large bolt of fire or laser beam or something in the middle, But I don't think that is very important. Oh... wait....

WOW! Isn't it cool that Order can bomb you from above through the little hole it comes through? Isn't this a nice feature? 
"Oh no Tru, please don't tell me we can attack back."

No, you cannot shoot through the ground good sir, especially if you are MDPS, because that is not what your class is supposed to do.

Now, you might be saying, "Well Tru, why don't you just walk up the stairs and fight them?"
Assuming they do not kill you before you even reach the stairs you find the stairs and the doorway to the 2nd floor to be... well...Small.

AOE REJOICE!!  Screw you tanks, screw you single target dps, GIMME SOME AOE BROSEPH!
Yes the stairs are very narrow, and please, when there's a fire in the building walk down them in an orderly fashion.
Of course it makes sense that BWs are superior to all in this scenerio, it is the Bright Wizard College amirite?
"Well, Tru,surely mythic planned away around this and a back entrance"

Oh yes! Indeed!  They did, in your spawn there is a portal to the right that transports you to a secret location and...
MOAR RANGED!!!! Forget the Witch Elves, forget the.. anything other than a sorc. 
"Tru, you just said that order have the advantaged of above, and now destro is above them?"
Yes we are above, however my poorly drawn skill for ranged only reaches 100 feet, from that far back from the battle we can only watch them rampage down the stairs and bomb our allies from above.
"Ok.. but aren't there the new play as a monster things that can help you?"
This new scenerio gives you the ability to be... this thing, it's like something of aqshy I think I don't really know or care.  However, at the sides of the main rooms there are altars that you right click on and it makes you a not so shiny fire guy.  You get five new abilities as this fire guy, only one I really found worth using.  The first one is spammableand hits your target for (according to the tooltip) 600 or so damage.  The second ability unleashes those Aqshy Sprites that kind of do nothing it seems to wherever you are standing. That third ability is supposedly an aoe attack that does like 1.5k damage to the enemy, but whenever I use it it doesn't seem to do nearly that much, maybe it's because they're getting healed or something.  The fourth ability makes allies near you (up to 6) powered up, I don't quite remember and I'm too lazy to go check, I think it was an alright ability if I recall.  The last ability ressurects EVERYBODY near you, and they respawn at your corpse.  I have not yet used this ability, I assume it kills you :(

I will continue to trudge through this SC over the weekend because I feel the need to complete everything.

By the way, sorry for lack of posts lately, leveling up my WH and the only thing I can post about while leveling up a char is how pretty t3 is and how I will never get my sovereign.

Poll Results: What is your favorite dungeon? (Posting results that got a vote)
Gunbad: 6%
Bastion Stair: 20%
Lost Vale: 26%
Tomb of the Vulture Lord: 13%

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  1. There's not nearly enough Samuel L. in this post. The naked Magus corpse was a nice touch though.

    In short, CoC is exactly what it sounds like. But that's just my opinion after having played it twice.