Monday, May 30, 2011

Evil Moneys

I sorta got my UI to work, I still crash erryday though, erryday! 

Renown in the good earth (Or warhammer world or whatever) has been plentiful. My DoK has feasted upon the renown and has even gained his first renown rank since december.  Yay! 82-83 took forevar, amirite?
But, today I was selling stuff and getting my money from the AH items I sold, and I noticed something very terrible...

666 gold! 66 silver! 66 36 brass, bronze.. beads I don't know what it is. But you know, close enough.  I have been convinced that my backpack is evil and should be treated as such (It sure would people auto targeting me, evil backpack MUST be destroyed, yo)

The Sigmar Tide Live Event sure has me interested (That's the name of the event right? Well who cares,if it's not, Mythic make it plz so I don't look stupid)
I want to embrace the live event and hug it like I would hug a stray kitty who just got it's first piece of meat in it's life.  Wait, why would I hug a cat who's eating.. well whatever.

Oh, yeah, and Eka is posting his LL Cool J post June 1st, so I want to see that.

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