Friday, June 10, 2011


Today I killed Prince Imrik or something like that who is apparently the Dragon King of Caledor (or so Eka says) so today I am taking the title of Dragon King of Caledor, should you ever see me on the forums or in game call me Dragon King of Caledor.  I even have proof that I am the new Dragon King of Caledor.

I figured it would look more epic with a sunrise in the backround, but there was none, so I improvised and made my own.  Isn't it pretty? 
Umad Eka? You not happy that I killed your beloved king of whatever and took his title?
And now Eka would say that I cannot become the Dragon King of Caledor because being the Dragon King of Caledor comes with responsibilities with nature and High Elf stuff like that.  Well don't worry, I already have all that crap covered, I have all the responsibilities down!

As a matter of fact, I just settled a fight between two DRAGONS today, yep, they were argueing and I fixed it. 
Black Dragon gets Nick Jonas.
The Yellow Dragon gets Joe Jonas
And then cut the other Jonas in half and they each get a half.

However with responsibilites comes power.. or is it with Power comes responsibility... Hmm.

Anyways, I have good power as well, today in Caledor an order player I was fighting rolled too closely to a lair, and I CALLED DOWN UPON THE DRAGON GOD AND MADE THE LIZARD KILL HIM

That lizard did what I could not, that being kill a sword and board knight. 

I will occasionally continue to update you on my journey as the new Dragon King of Caledor
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Depends: 0%
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  1. Lol he's a dragon prince...

  2. Don't care, I'm still the super dragon prince of the earth.

  3. Seriously, this is the only reason I want to keep playing WAR... but I was in a WB with Tru, and he didn't send me kittens... I was sad.

  4. Is this you Tru?

  5. Totally, that's me. How'd you find me?

    And Slyph, I sowwy :-( I didn't know I needed to throw kittens everywhere