Sunday, January 23, 2011

I don't stalk.. I just... follow...

So, my spacebar on my keyboard is broken.. so that could cause me some setbacks, I had to copy a space and now for each space, I need to paste it.

Do you have ANY idea how annoying that is?
So eka posted a new post today... guest starring MEEEEEEEEEE

I stalked him and appeared in a lot of his pictures.

So try to find me in them, and you.. well you won't get anything to be honest...

But.. I finally got to try my awesome WH 1 v 1 in t4 rvr, I got a whole bunch of my guildies and I was like "HEY, YOO, GET TO CW AND LETS DUEL FOOLS"

rank 31 non-buffed mr jackson VS rank 40 awesome destro.

Well.. no, but it was this kill that triggered the duels, I killed bridezylla here and I got on vent to say "NOT SO TOUGH WITHOUT GROTSQUISHA HUH!!?!??!?!" And then they challenged me to duels :D

As I control the writing, I'm going to post my wins against bride during dueling.

Heres one...

Oh.. that's.. uhh..

That's all... I lost the rest... GIVE ME CREDIT, I'm only rank 31 :-(
But, she did stomp me all other times... I didn't dare duel grotsquisha cause I figured he's 3 shot me, but I was wrong... hehe

He two shotted me, I'd post the screenshot of it and my amazement, but I don't want to go through that pain and embarrassment again.

I also dueled a shaman, I won him a few times and he won me a few times.

It's always nice to have some practice for when I hit 40 :-D

Poll Results:
What are your feelings on the state of the game?
It's doing excellent: 3%
It's doing alright I guess: 34%
It's..meh..: 27%
It's doing terrible: 20%
It's just gonna stand there and watch me burn..wait what?: 13%


  1. O hi! I didn't realize you are such a writer ;) Great blog Tru. As much as I liked/like War, I think my time in that game is coming close to an end. See you in Rift??

  2. Hmm.. maybe.. I think I'll play it out in WAR, I have a rift beta key.. so I may or may not try beta.