Monday, January 3, 2011

I am Ineligible.. Ineligeble..Inelable.. I blame American Education...

Our Favorite Dev Andy has posted a thread saying they're looking for more Core Testers, I thought to myself.. "Hey! This is a wonderful oppurtunity...oppertunity..oppartunity...GAHH.  I was going to fill out an application myself, but then I read over.. everything.. Andy's Text is in Italics, mind is in bolded normal text. and in parenthesis.

We're looking for more players to fill the Ranks of the Core Test group! Are you an avid player of WAR? (YES!) Are you Hardcore? Casual? (Uhh...both) Something in between? (Yeah! This!) We're looking for your input and feedback to help make WAR all it can be! (Hooray!)

What is the Core Test Program? (Something I aspire to be at this moment in time.)

The Core Test Program is a small, hand selected group of players (Speshul people!) chosen for the capability to provide insightful (Uh...), intelligent (Uh oh..) and critical feedback (I volunteer Eka) while at the same time remaining rational and constructive (Eka no longer applies). Players are chosen for their contribution and continual involvement in the Community (Like.. people with blogs?). All Core Testers are required to agree to a Non Disclosure Agreement (or NDA) prior to being given access.(I can spell Cat!)

Should you submit yourself as a candidate, please be aware that your in game account and forum account will be reviewed as part of the process
(During the Summer I got a ban for something.. I think it was trolling, I'm Eliminated!).

Want to know more?
(Not really...I'm already in tears)

Send Andy Belford (Me!) a PM (Can it have emotes in it?) with the following information:
  • In Game Account Name (DO NOT SEND THE PASSWORD!) (MMhmm ok)
  • Age? (SHIT)
  • What kind of a player do you consider yourself to be? (hardcore, casual, other?) (Mixture of the two who likes kittens)
  • Approximately how many hours a week do you spend playing WAR?(Ahh hell...5-10 hours per day.. 35-70 hrs per week, well I need to do something else don't I)
  • How long have you been playing WAR? (Uhh.. I think it was January 2009 I started)
  • What MMO's have you played outside of WAR? (Uh... none)
  • What Careers do you consider yourself capable in? (None DoK)
  • What's your highest Renown Rank Character?(82)
  • Why do you think that you would be an asset to the Core Tester program? (Uhh... I can... dance...)

Thanks and I look forward to reviewing your submissions! (...................)

PS: So no one freaks out, all the mispellings at the start were intentional.


  1. Scrap that, you're hired!

  2. Funny stuff Tru... I would hire ya if I were Andy...

  3. Hey now, my feedback is always constructive. Who needs to be rational these days??

  4. I totally would apply, but I'm 92% sure I'm not qualified to :-P

    And the day Andy finally commented on my blog post... I'm writin' this on the calendar.. no joke!<33333333333

  5. Do it! Seriously. If they let Mykiel and I in, know where I'm going with this...

  6. You need to do it because I won't. (I test software at work all day, so why would I want to ruin my night's of fun by testing more software.) Eka would be good, too!

    Actually, I'd probably enjoy it but couldn't commit the time to do a thorough enough job. But if they ever want to bounce creative ideas off of me, I'd do that for free. :)

  7. Hmmm... fine.. I'll apply.

    Guarantee I'll fail though!!!


    Guarantee... pfft. You don't know nuffink!

    JK *smoochies* You'll be fine.
    P.S. I applied too. :p

  9. Ah, Tru, you would be awesome. I'm glad you applied. I applied, too, because I'm a relentless optimist. =) Ditto that Eka would be awesome.