Monday, July 12, 2010

WHAT?!?! A tier 4 PvE turned PvP encouter in.... REIKLAND?!?!

Just an hour ago I was running around lookin for tome unlocks, and I see a rank 30 something BW run past me, and I think, "Hmm... freenown" so I chase, then all of the sudden I get jumped by 8 or so order, and they're doing an order PQ.  I've never killed people in a PQ, and.. I love it.  New terrain to wipe the ground with, plus it was pretty epic.  I killed a RP before I got overwhelmed. 
Most of you are probably thinking "WTF is wrong with you"
The honest answer to that is, 'I dunno', but I thought it was quite sweet killing people outside of the lakes.
THIS shows WHERE on the map it was.

THIS shows combat. yay

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