Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pie tag and Champions romancing?!?! o.O

So, I can't play my WH until I hit 80 because I just remembered, I have a 500g bet with thokkgrin over who can hit 80 1st.


Today after a nice little city instance, we got in an empty instance, so what better to do than have PIE TAAAAAG for 15 or so minutes in stage 1!!!  Was the best stage one EVAR, I was it once, and see screenshot, I hit thokkgrin for making me race him to 80. That douche!  Eventually it got bored so we equipped random pieces of armor to make it more interested. W00T W00T


I guess the stage 2 heat is too much for Lychithas and Engra.  Is Lychithas a guy or a girl, because this is bromance gone to the extreme, they got stuck on each other, and started attacking each other or something, who knows why? Not I.  But this is REAL strange...

Please, for the love of khaine, leave a comment telling me WHY THIS HAPPENED

Anyhow, we let order kill Lychithas, and "Til death do us apart" initiated and when Lychithas died, Engra just ran away.. Right to where karl franz was. Wow....

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