Tuesday, July 6, 2010


So a few weeks ago I went on a trip to Washington D.C.  When I stopped to eat I saw a nice stand where they take your picture and they edit it so it looks like you're shaking hands with Barack Obama or George Bush or whatever...  So they take my picture and I get the frame and everything and I are so excited because I haz a svveet picture of me shaking Obama' hand.  I felt it was pretty smooth going and it was well priced too.  They said the credit card machine is in the back of the store so I walk to the back happy with my prize, then they charge me.  I'm about to walk out when a crazy lady grabs my arm and is screaming "BUY THIS! YOUNG MAN! BUY THIS!"  She offers me a shock gum for $25, when I say no thank you and try to walk away her "accomplice" as I like to call her runs in front of me and yells at me to buy it, then when I decline again they give me the offer of a lifetime, the shock gum AND a T-shirt for only $60. 
Again I decline, and the urging to buy goes on for at least 10 more minutes.  At the end I thought they were going to sell me the whole store. Finally after leaving I felt annoyed.

I'm gonna compare this to the freaking failwall I have hit with my renown.  I thought it was smooth going until 70.  I was like "YEAH! I'm gonna hit 80 by the end of the summer! WOO!"
Not even close.  1/2 through summer and I'm still at renown rank 71.  I feel as if they're offering me stuff but instead of costing money it's gonna cost me all the time in the world. 

Or maybe I just FIAL!

PS: Sorry for delayed post, was on a mini vacation


  1. The reason my archmage alt is so refreshing. I may never get rr80 with my bw.

  2. how is the AM coming along anyways, what rank I mean are you at