Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Humorous Guide to KEEP DEFENSES!

I was gonna save this for the Q&A session with the devs to hopefully get their attention, but, I will not be available at the time they are holding it at.  SO, here you go....

Keep Defense:  N, The Hopeless act of defending an attacked keep with hopes of... A. Getting Annihilator Gear, B. Stealing Annihilator gear because you didn't get your Sov piece, and C. Getting some free renown. 

However.  Some people defend for other reasons.

Don't... Lose.. The keep...

Occasionally, you wipe as well...  Wiping in a keep defense is nothing to fret about, it just means it's time for a game of Hide and seek with your favorite enemy.  May I recommend in the bushes outside, or on the tallest tower, or if you're a Witch Elf or Witch Hunter, then just go invis and tickle Bright Wizards til they sneeze fire.

Remember, when they find you... Jump! It's Hide and Seek AND Tag :D

If there is no action in tier 4, you can always go down to the lower tiers and pick a fight there.
Because as a chicken you get unlocks, and possibly renown
I've always wanted to see a whole WB of chickens :-D

A good thing, is when you're winning thekeep defense and everyone group hugs and then pushes out the door.

As you could see, the comment made  by the sorc is very true. 
But.. Sometimes it's not good and then order swarms the keep, making you run up to the 2nd level to see the graffiti left by ex keep defenders.
Weee.... INC Lots of death =O.   When you try to kill them, be sure to hit on tanks.
I.E.: /1 my god... 1. Hit on tanks, 2. Don't charge, cower 3.  When they seem to be winning FOR GOD'S SAKE JUST GIVE UP, spam /lol and hope for a @ post on the forums.

And that is how Keeps should be defended..........

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