Sunday, April 25, 2010

Destro steppin'it uuuupp?

Today I saw a rage in destro I've never seen before (At least.. a rage in the game and not on the forums). And man were we angrily taking praag. We saw the order zerg runnin' towards us in the Middle BO and we ran after them and smashed it plus the skirmish of blood gave us the VP to flip the zone. Then we ran in to the WC in celebration.

I mean, HOLY CRAP! Look how far I got in the WC we had so much, was searching frantically for the mailbox, we all were. If we could get that number again and have everyone just run mindlessly into the WC. We would wipe that $h!t off the map! Even though I got crappy renown through that, it was the funnest I've ever had in an oRvR warband.

Props to the Order that came out. Destro too.

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