Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1.3.5 PTS Q&A

Sorry I am adding this a bit late, few early questions missed...


Con: Is there a break in Mez?

Nate: Stagger should break

Cortez: Do Wards work in RvR?

Nate: Not really, purely pve.

Darkpack: Can we keep the RR bonus that is currently going on?

Carrie: Uh sorry, No

Deathy: Option to Rename Characters?

Carrie: Interesting one, Possibly we've investigated it

Dice: Rework of BO/SM?

Andy: Troll question for the forums

Eisengard: 3 minute in cities a bit short if someone needs an afk?

Carrie: Investigating right now based on feedback.

El: Elaborate on what you're doing on RvR concerns

Carrie: No answer at the moment

Evilgardner: What to do about underperforming destro guards.

All: We'll check

Fanatick: Anything for supreme wards?

Nate: In the future

Faoldhubh: Bag for seige stuff?

Nate: Not at the moment

Feardorcha: Population cap for tier 4 in the future for balance

Carrie: Nothing ruled out, don't think it'd solve.

Freakk: Mirror for Shootin' with the wind?

Nate: Maybe

Ghazkgul: Heirophant's grace nerfed? Or unable to stack

Nate: Possibly

Grumn: Showing RR instead of rank because Rank doesn't matter in t4

Carrie: Maybe

Interior: Plan to give renown abilities instead of stats?

Nate: Alot planned, can't get into at the moment though

Kashue: Can you edit characters beards, clothing, ect. so we can switch to new faces/hairstyles

Carrie: When we can fit it in

Koopa: Why is Mythic store closed?

Andy: Business decision

Korrigan: Does SW damage need improved, what do you think about it?

Nate: SW needs to be a little generically better, and needs to be played more smoothly, it's kinda jerky at the moment with stances.

Kushbaby: Plans for a lotd SC?

Carrie: No plans

Andy: I have plans carrie, i'll talk to you later

Lannika: Planning to change WE finishers, or make them par with a WH.

Nate: Trying to make them better both up and down, no changes I can share at the moment

Lathlabi: Linux OS game client?

Carrie: No

Manastacious: Different Leveling System?

Nate: No, not right now

Monty: What will 1.3.6 focus on

Carrie: We know what we're doing, but we've been focusing on 1.3.5 lately.

Mucella: Anything be done about rightious fury draining AP when rezzed? (Bug?)

Nate: We're aware of this, looking at it.

Nattfodd: Less restrictive more beneficial marauder/SW stances

Nate: Yes, no details ATM

Ogahn: Paid Expansion?

Andy: No comment

Onemantankwall: 70+ SCs so pugs aren't farmed

Carrie: Not in near future

Psycho: With AA nerfed will they be given buffs for classes effected be given any buffs?

Nate: Yea, we will go through

Robobiatch: Putting Other cities in?

Carrie: -laughs- no comment

Sedo: Game cards? Where to find cheap, any advice?

Andy: eBay, Walmart.

Stargate Deity: Will choppa get armor debuff like slayer?

Nate: Come up, not something we're pulling the trigger on.

Tarelther: How powerful are city champions supposed to be? How is battle supposed to feel?

Carrie: Open ended question, supposed to feel exciting and epic. Tweaking with it.

Nate: No number on how powerful, more of a gutcheck thing.

Thehealeroftru: Nerf DoK/WP or give WP a 1k1 equiv.

Nate: Not at the moment, certainly aware of 1k1 concerns. Not a plan to change at moment.

Thelivingfro: AMs get a tactic to add a dot to rain lord?

Nate: No, never considered

Tzudevil: Will BW/SORC Mechanic reduced from 100% --> 50% at max mechanic?

Nate: Not changing mechanic, in general they are over the top everyone knows it and we are looking at them.

Vongore: Changing Hold the Line for tanks beefing it up to damage mitagation or AP booster?

Nate: No it serves a pretty specific purpose already.

Werner: Magus/Engi underperforming, Being looked at?

Andy & Nate: We're always evaluating.

Wolfie: New redesign for armor in 1.3.6? Its about time.

Carrie: Will have that information later.

Xenestra: Plans for forts?

Andy: Forts.. forts forts forts...

Carrie: Investigated

Yena: Can BG get IB cave-in equiv?

Nate: Ummm, not really a specific change we're looking at right now. No.

Well, thats it guys. I missed so much stuff, I was frantically typing this whole time.

Remember they are not exact quotes, but breakdowns from what I heard.

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