Tuesday, April 13, 2010

1.3.5 City Preview?


I don't think I have ever been more happy for mythic on a patch. While some of you may disagree with me I think that this patch is the best patch yet (Other than Lotd of course). It seems Mythic actually listened to their players and made the city RvR. This new city sounds extremely fun, after reading over it several times heres how I think it will work...

Stage 1: We all gather, wait, then when the 24 v 24 starts we all run into the city and start slaying each other like no tomorrow. Til stage 2 starts.

Stage 2: We all run around but this time with our kings behind us (or in front of us, depends on who you trust more...)

Stage 3: Even more running around but this time with Champions (and the rank 33 nubs who will QQ that they aren't a captain) Ones the champions are dead I see a MASS slaughter with both sides reeling in pain.

Then we go back to our beloved SCs.

Sure enough, I think that Mythic has done a great job to bringing players back to trying to pursue ORvR instead of our dearest SCs. I think it might be balanced this time around. Only time will tell.
This new city sounds engaging on paper (or.. computer) but how will it play out I wonder. I'm sure we'll all be whining and asking for more water within a few months. But hey, it's gonna be pretty tight while it lasts :-D

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  1. It does look like some great changes. I can't wait to see the first reactions to the players that play it for the first time.