Monday, August 30, 2010


Because of a record low total of 3 views two days ago. ("" in guild chat won't hurt just once :-P... no I'm not a selfish arse...most of the time)  I'm gonna make a post about absolutely nothing and Warhammer in general.

I didn't play the new scenerio, well, just once, and I felt like this:

That scenerio is FREAKING SMALL.

I'd walk out of the starting portal and then get eaten alive by order premades.  And people complain that people afk in that SC, How can you not see why!??!
The worst part is the time I play.  Gorfang is...
Orvr - Destro
SCs - 50/50

Orvr - 50/50
SCs - Order

This is terrible for me, as I play in the afternoon, and my main thing I do is SCs, so I usually join SCs, get whomped, then log off for the night which does not help me strive for 80.
Then the rvr pack will come around and the cap will be raised to 100, which does not help with my want to play my WH. 

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