Thursday, August 19, 2010

SCREW IT! @%(@%WAFFLE(*%*%@

So in some expansion thing I guess it says they're raising the RR cap to 100.
Screw It! I'm done! (Not really)

I don't have a Link but I think Bootae does, and Wasdstomp has some nice questions about it. (See my blog list to the right somewhere)

I've been psyched about hitting 80 forever (even though I'm making no real effort because I wanna play my WH so bad) I knew this would happen.  When I was about rr 45 I said to my guild officer in Warhounds, "Dude, right before I hit 80, they're gonna raise the rr cap higher, you just watch" 
Not sure if he remembers it, but when he logs on I'm going to remind him that I win the game and I hate being right.

So this leaves me with a decision... Screw hitting 80 first then playing my witch hunter, or just leave my dok at 75 and play my Witch Hunter.
Frankly, I like plan B, however, whenever I play him I get paranoid I'm not yet 80 on my dok.  When they raise the rr cap, then I'll need to get to 100 before I can play my WH, I really want to stab stuff and shoot stuff.

^Mildly Entertaining

I'll see you on badlands (That is until I get paranoid again)

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