Monday, August 16, 2010

Can someone trooly be the best? Oops, I spelled 'Truly' wrong.

If you look at sports forums like or something then you see like "IS KOBE BRYANT THE BEST PLAYER EVAR!?!" or something like "Da king is bettah den jordan!"  or some other empty minded statement that will certainly be argued.

My point being, can someone be the best in a certain class in an MMO? It's pretty stupid if you think about it, with all those extra programs out there, "Jutuynia can program his nerfed buttons better than Lawlipop" or "Erohwnoitnetta can troll harder than Urtforelaeheht"
It's impossible to know who's better, aside from it being pathetic, if you're the best in a video game, what does that leave you in real life? The worst?

Can a magus summon daemons better than another magus? Can a Witch Hunter accuse people better than other Witch Hunters?  Can some White Lions play with yarn better than other wittle white lions? Can Carrie give information and program better than Andy?
Compare Warhammer to jail, are prisoners like, "DeShawn can stab much better than Donyell." or "Latoya can hide Cocaine a whole ton better than Deeron"

Uh, sorry getting off subject.
I like to think I'm better at spammin my group heals better than any other dok.

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