Saturday, March 12, 2011

What am I doing? Oh.. just waiting..

I have not been able to play dragon age 2 yet because of
No don't worry, I'm still strictly Warhammer only.  I just need to sulk somewhere.  There has been no fix for this issue (that many are having) and I really just want to kick a trashcan so it flies dramatically across the air before hitting the wall and making a sound.

But.. on the GOOD news... Tripod FINALLY fixed the issue I was having with making my site, and now I can continue on my quest website :D.  Guess I'll log into WAR today after all :-D 

Poll Results: Will you play Dragon Age 2?
Yes: 37%
No: 6%
I have no idea what that even is: 6%
Don't know yet: 6%
Still waiting on Kitten Age to come out: 43%

And the NEW choice...
I would but the game bugged on me : 98%

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