Saturday, February 12, 2011


I feel like going over the transfers and how they have DRAMATICALLY effected my lovely lifeoftru.
But first, I must mention that my boredom last night caused me to mess with the bloggers names.  For instance, Hypothetical War is now "Eka's creativity" or something like that I don't remember.  But, in parenthesis there is the REAL name of the blog.
So, It'll say MY title Gaar's Guides n' stuff  and then it will have the ACTUAL name of the blog in parenthesis (Gaarawarr Gabs)  Everything else has remained the same.
If any of you bloggers got a problem with me distorting the blog's name, or dislike the name I have given your blog, please feel free to send me a message in game or leave a comment on one of my posts and say "YO TROOF, I DON'T APPRECIATE WHAT YOU BEEN DOIN' TO MY NAME" and I will set it back the way it was before. (Unless you're Eka, then you have no say in the matter... ok.. even you eka.. even you)

Now I must now start on my post.  Lets go over...

ORvR: My emotion to describe the current state would be...
Yes! Happeh!  I have seen some great orvr in the lakes and it makes me such a happy troof.  In Praag yesterday, as I showed you in my last post, there was RvR running amuck.  Sure it was mainly a tug of war between both side's zergs in the middle of the map, but it gave me renown, and I got 10% last night, TEN PERCENT!! That's like.. I dunno 80k renown or something, that is certainly not bad at all.  The Live Event also CERTAINLY makes the game more fun for me anyways IMO, It gives me something to look forward to I suppose.  Whenever the Live Event starts a timer clicks on in my head and goes "I MUST FIND THE 4 MASKS TO GO TO THE MOON complete this event... :-D"

SCs: The SCs going on make me..

Well, SCs are popping 24/7 now and I absolutely love it.  Last night I was like, "YO, I gonna go to bed at midnight tonight, I'm just gonna do one sc..."
then i queued, then it instapopped, then I was up til 3:30 doing instapop SCs and making me a happy person.  I didn't do bad numbers either, even with the nerfed group heal. "OLD NEWS TROOF, WE NO IT'S NERFED"
I know, but I've been dps this whole time xD
My tops last night was 230k or something like that, I averaged around 160k for the night.  So that's not bad, I also got 40k damage in one of them because of my morale 3 stagger I was usually cleverly (Right when Khaine is about to go BOOM, stagger and run, be sure to spam /dance as you're running away from the staggered victim) Which reminds me, Khaine is Khaine's Embrace has killed me more times than all of the order players combined in that SC I swear.  I always forget that khaine goes boom, or I don't see the warning. Boohoo for me.

Lag: This makes me...

I have experienced worse lag than usual, but I guess if that's the price I must pay for lots of orvr and 24/7 SCs, so be it.  I think that the lag will die down in a few days as well.

Of course, I have gotten pwned by multiple rr 90+ and even a rr 100 (WP shouldn't be able to crit for 3.8K.. XD)

But we'll see how the next few weeks play by!


  1. Yay kitties bout time

  2. Argh! The lag! It burns! It burns! Make the burning stop! =)

  3. Stop it, you're making me miss this game. Especially since ive been playing that "other mmo" as something to do until RIFT launches.


  4. Mission Accomplished!

    Just kidding.. (Sub mission accomplished of course :-P)

    I have never played the.. "Other MMO" but I'm thinking of trying Rift.. it actually looks kind of good.